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Here are some music pieces of my history. From a very long time ago (it seems):

Hot Sands (1996)

HOT SANDS is my "critically acclaimed" 1996 debut release. Kind of a silly name in retrospect. This is my record about growing up, the ocean, waves, sun and sand - being young, etc. This recording was great fun. On those rare occasions when I hear the tracks, the tunes still bring me back to the place I grew up.

Hot Sands
All I Ever Do
The Dr. Is In


All songs written by Mark Nicholas
Produced by Mark Nicholas and Andre’ Smith
Recorded at Down and Dirty Records (my apartment) and Andre’ Smith Studios, Philadelphia, PA
Mixed by Andre’ Smith, Andre’ Smith Studios
Mastering by Peter Humphreys, Masterworks, Phila, PA
Photography by Art Murphy / Design by David Perry

Standing Right Here

STANDING RIGHT HERE is about relationships and friends, dreaming of the future and a good bottle of beer. My highlights were the gospel tracks on Memphis and Falling, and any song that George Ruch has played guitar on. This was a very fun project for me to do. STANDING features Jess Dyen, George Ruch and Dan Grosh. Thanks to everyone! Click here to check out the galleries!

Ben's Bridge


All songs written and produced by Mark N
Recorded at Crazy Doctor Studios, Pacifica, CA
Fort Apache Studios, Cambridge, MA
Also at Down & Dirty Records (my apt)
and George Ruch’s Basement
Engineered by Doc Capocelli, Brian Brown, Jesse and me
Assistant Engineer, Colin McCabe
Mixed by Brian Brown at Fort Apache
Beer Mixed by Mark N.
Mastering by Peter Humphreys, Masterworks, Philly
Graphic Design by Orsolya Windhoffer
Photos by Art Murphy, Jens Broad, Lisa McAlpin

Random Stuff


Just a variety of stuff… photos and music. We were never very good at taking pictures - so the few I have are very special. Also, here is a song prepared for a reunion (there is a fair bit of Hebrew - featuring my friend Kelly Lin Knott):

If I Could Fly
My time playing music has been just plain fun - often goofy - very relaxed - and never all that serious. I wish that I'd done a better job preserving that goofiness, but at least I have a few videos lying around that help bring back the experience. So... without further adieu...
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